Unity Quick Tip: Aero’s Reign of Terror is Over!

When I first got my hands on a juicy build of Unity 5 I was excited to try out its new cutting edge real-time GI feature. After being severely disappointed with its limitations (something which I’m hoping will be improved in later versions) I found I was still happy with the new version, but for a significantly less glamorous reason! What reason? Read on to find out! Or alternatively stop reading since it appears I’m the only one who cares.

For the last couple of years I’ve been stuck with Window’s silly Aero theme on my desktop. It’s not because I want my desktop to look like a plastic spaceship, but out of mere extortion. Unity has always had severe flickering bugs when viewed with a ‘Windows Classic’ theme, but for whatever reason they’ve finally decided to fix this for Unity 5.

Finally we can all go back to the glorious days of a solid grey toolbar. Now as your life turns around from chronic depression into a golden era of bliss, don’t forget, you heard it first on Niberspace.com!

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