My New Job at RocketWerkz

In my previous post I announced my sad decision to leave my life in China, but it turned out it wasn’t so sad after all. Al thought it seemed there were no good jobs out there I somehow caught one that seems too good to be true. 

My desk at RocketWerkz, with beautiful ocean view

4k 27″ monitor, 6 core @ 3.60 GHz CPU, 1070 GTX graphics… I think I’m in love with my new work machine!

During my job hunt I had two primary wishes; I wanted to use my favorite development tool Unreal Engine 4 and to live someplace nice. These requirements initially seemed reasonable until my job searching gave me a grim view of the market.

My favorite development tool has started gradually fading from the job portals, although Unreal is the vanguard of cutting edge of technology, many game companies are switching to Unity to save cost. Although the choice of tool doesn’t affect conventional rewards such as salary, using the best technology is what makes the every day process of making games interesting.

Similarly my living requirements wasn’t easily met. Although I’ve matured past my adventurous phase of living in places like China, I also didn’t love the idea of returning to Sweden or UK. A few years ago I’d decided New Zealand would be my ideal place to live, but after discovering how tiny its game industry is I realized it wasn’t likely to happen.

It seemed impossible to find a job that meets my needs, but then right out of the blue the perfect offer popped up! 

Meet RocketWerkz

Niber sitting at tunnel beach not far from RocketWerkz office

Me sitting by the shore of my new home town. I literally cannot believe how beautiful it is here, I would go here every day for a beach yoga had it not looked too pretentious!

After his success with the critically acclaimed DayZ, Dean “Rocket” Hall was pitched the idea of opening his own studio in all the conventional boring places. Not only did he insist on opening it in beautiful but unconventional New Zealand, he even chose the little town of Dunedin in front of industrial Auckland.

RocketWerkz was the perfect place for me. New Zealand had been in my sight for years, Dunedin is perfectly located in the beautiful southern part with reasonable property market, and as a huge fan of DayZ I’m excited to work on the next big thing!

What is the next big thing you ask? I can’t tell ya yet but make sure you don’t miss it by signing up to blog updates by email!

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