My Last Day Making Games in China

Leaving a workplace is always a tough decision, but when your visa is directly tied to your job, it’s even tougher! Apart from the frightening choices regarding a next career move, I would also have to say a rushed goodbye to my friends before my visa gets revoked. It was tough decision to make, but one that needed to be made.

Niber holding his farewell speech to Dr. panda team

Knowing my Chinese skills would turn useless the moment I leave China, I used my last day as an opportunity to tell one last story in Chinese.

Living in China has been an unforgettable experience beyond tourism. Even after two years I still find myself surrounded by unexplored adventures. Still I had to ask myself a difficult question. Am I an adventurer (perhaps even a “travel blogger”, god forbid!) or am I in fact a game developer?

Despite still enjoying the life, I came to realize Chengdu was not my place to mature as a developer. With the simplicity of children’s games not requiring complex tech art, and with an unavoidable language barrier keeping me from dwelling into team pipelines, there wasn’t enough room for my skills to grow. Luckily I’ve found just the right place for me, stay tuned to find out where!

3 thoughts on “My Last Day Making Games in China

  1. Good post and good decision.

    Those questions are really difficult, but I think you really need to try this at least once in your life. Especially if you have an opportunity. Because maybe soon there will not be any opportunities. So, take a chance and go ahead.

    Summer is a good time to rewind and start something new.

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