My Choice for the Perfect Blogging Camera!

Having lived so long in China I have earned stories to last me a lifetime, but without pictures to back them up my  friends wouldn’t believe the half of it! It was time to start photo-blogging, but how could I find a camera with blog-worthy quality, yet small enough that I’ll have it on me when the situation calls for it? Read on to find out!

A mysterious camera perfect for photo blogging is about to be unveiled

What mystery camera will be worthy of capturing all my crazy Chinese adventures? Read on to find out!

Too many times have I cried out “I wish I had a camera” upon leaving something awesome go un-captured. It was time to get a camera! Problem is, I’m notoriously picky. I come with the following demands:

  • Price: It has to be expensive enough to produce professional quality, yet cheap enough that I don’t have to protect my camera bag like a mother bear protects her cubs.
  • Form & Size: It must be large enough to produce top notch quality, yet small enough that I can carry it in my bag at all times.
  • Quality: It would be hard to justify carrying a dedicated camera if the resulting pictures were only marginally better than a smartphone. The quality difference must be so vast that it’s like comparing the amazing Photoshop CC 14.2 with the godforsaken Photoshop CC 14.0!

At this point any reasonable man would smack me in the face while shaking me back and forth. “You have to be realistic, man! Such camera does not exist and never will!”. Don’t be so sure, for you see, the Messiah of cameras has arrive. Low and behold…

Sony RX100

The RX100 is so good I don’t know if it’s a gift from god or the devil’s greatest trick. It’s small enough to fit in my pocket yet produces nearly the same quality as a bazooka-sized Canon.


At this level of quality you have to accept a well hefty price. This is no ordinary compact camera, the Carl Zeiss lens at 1.8 f-stops by itself is worth a dozen camels. So it comes to no surprise that in my home country this camera’s lowest online price will go for 1200$.

The mystery camera has been revealed, turns out that the perfect camera for photo blogging is the RX100 M3

The Sony RX100 in all it’s glory! Soon I shall be the luckiest man alive!

When Swedes like me want to torture ourselves with pity, we go online to see what the price is in America. Cameras in the US are sold at such ridiculously low prices. We commonly speak legends of the Swedes who travel all the way to the US just to buy his new camera, and yet still come back having saved money! Despite the added cost of flights and hotels.

Similarly in this case this camera is indeed selling in the US for only 800$, a teasing fact that is more of mental torture than of practical value. But for the very first time in my life, I look with amazement as I find my local price CHEAPER than the US! The price in China is only 715$!

I don’t see any logical sense in this amazing Chinese discount. Sony is not a Chinese brand nor is this model manufactured here. Importing electronics into China adds a hefty import tax, which explains why my Swedish friend in China warned me to buy all electronics in the west before coming here. How such discount on this particular model is remotely possible is beyond my comprehension, but I care not as long as it is real!

So now that the king of cameras has been crowned and will soon arrive in my mailbox, the blogging adventure shall begin! So subscribe to blog updates by email so you don’t miss the adventures ahead!

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