Amazing Photo Opportunities in the Rain!

After years of planning I finally bought my camera at the worst possible timing. Right amid the crunch time for Toto’s Treehouse there was simply no time to give it a try. But then one evening as we were out for our overtime dinner, fate intervened with heavy rain, stranding us from returning to our office. This was the perfect time to take my new camera for a spin. Check out the results!

Girl walking around nightclubs reflecting on the ground

My colleague Yi walking around the flooded mall, waiting for the rain to pass.

The arrival of electronics is the guilty pleasures that turns this wannabe minimalist into a gadget geek. In the date box for my vacation forms I’ve been known to write “when my new computer arrives”. But this time upon the arrival of my new camera I could barely give it a glance before having to return to my tasks at hand.

So when the rain stranded us from returning to the office, it was the worst thing that could happen to our project’s deadline, but perfect for my selfish desire to try out my camera! As the team could do nothing but stand around waiting for the rain to pass, it gave me a solid half hour with a group of reluctant colleagues as test subjects.

My luck increased even further as time went on. The Lan Kwai Fong Mall, apart from hosting the restaurant where we were eating, is known in Chengdu as the nightclub district. So as the rain started leaking into the interior mall, the floor lit up with beautiful reflections from the nightclub’s many bright LEDs. It was the perfect training ground for this photographer-in-training!

The Team Picture

Some of the Tribeplay team standing around waiting for the rain to pass

The team anxiously waiting for the rain to pass, instead of being as resourceful with their time as I was!

At first I tried taking shots of my colleges in secrecy. Normally a subject will give you either a fake smile or the stinky eye, as they notice you pointing your huge camera in their face. But one of the advantages of the RX100 is how the small size gives me the opportunity to capture my subjects expressions before their awareness.

However with my colleges having literally nothing to do than standing around waiting they quickly discovered what I was up to and started posing. One of which turned out to be a pretty good team picture.

The Thinking Man

Tribeplay's producer standing silently in the rain meditating on the perfect solution to our problem

Niels thinking long and hard for a solution, and finally coming up with the perfect one…

Having not yet bought a new memory card, my ancient card of only 512 MB was unfortunately filled up quickly. Now even I joined my teams growing impatience to get back to the office. It was time for our producer Niels focus all his wisdom into figuring out a solution.

After much thinking, an idea hit him hard like the thunder that was striking all around us, “Let’s just make a run for it!”. Tho we made it back wet from head to toes, I kept my camera dried. I was excited to check out my first pictures!

That was it for my first test, but there will be plenty of photo oppertunities ahead, so make sure you sign up to blog updates by email. In the meantime, let me know what you think about the pictures! 

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