Celebrating Toto’s Release with Gourmet Burgers!

With the release of Toto’s Treehouse we decided to celebrate with something fancy for lunch. I was highly skeptical when someone suggested such western food as burgers, but when they told me it was located at the top of Chengdu’s luxury mall I grabbed my camera and said “let’s go!”

Niel's speaking about the future of the company as a child at the next table is nodding at his every word

Niels’ speech for our company’s future was so powerful that even the boy at the next table was convinced!

IFS is the go-to mall for overpriced luxury goods that you can’t afford, therefore it sounded like the perfect place to eat now that the company was paying. Only once before had I been to IFS and it taught me a lesson in pricing. When the customers of a juice bar looks like they are all mistresses of oil tycoons, the price of your orange juice isn’t going to match your local farmers market.

True to my previous experience, the prices at the restaurant had us gasping for air. But since the company was paying we explored the menus for the fanciest burgers we could find. Tho I may have gone vanilla with my ‘original burger’, Jack picked out something way more awesome. 

Jack’s daredevil attempt at the notoriously spicy Devil’s Burger!

Jack holding a cooling milkshake with one hand as he's about to taste the ultra spicy Devil's Burger

Jack getting ready to chug down his milkshake the moment he takes his first (and possibly last) bite of the devilishly spicy Devil’s Burger.

True to his Sichuan roots, Jack had to browse through every page of the menu to find the item with the highest spiciness warning. At a rating of full 5 out of 5 chili peppers stood the ‘Devil’s Burger’, decorated suitably with horns made of red peppers!

If you know anything about Sichuan people you know they eat chilies like the Swedes eat ‘lördagsgodis’. And so although Jack liked the burger, his face was no more red than as if he was eating a salad. “Isn’t it spicy?!” I asked, he responded “only so-so”.

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