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Niber is a passionate game developer with a mild curiosity to explore the world beyond his desk. Specializing in Technical Art, he’s released more than 20 commercial titles over his 14 years in the industry.

Born and raised in northern Sweden, Niber survived the cold climate by geeking out indoors by his computer, creating games for the fun of it. After graduating school at 18 his hobby turned pro as he packed his bags for Britain to work with the big boys such as EA Games and the creator of Grand Theft Auto.

Current Project

Having just wrapped up my two year adventure making games in China, I’ve now joined RocketWerkz in New Zealand! Best believe there will be plenty interesting posts to come so make sure not to miss it by signing up to blog updates by email!

3 thoughts on “About Niber

  1. Hi, I’m khirey everyone calls me khi for short, I am working on a big project, an intense base fighter a mix between dragonball z and j star, but also has strategy elements in it, I want it to be the next friendship killer game like mario kart or smash bros or mario party. I plan on pitching this game to a company. I would like to know if i can contact you for insight and help getting everything to work like fighting animations particle effects and blueprints

    • Hi Khirey, thanks for being one of the first readers to my blog! I’m afraid the answer to your question is no, I think you will find that every game developer has a huge list of things he wants to try out if he ever has the spare time, but spare time is the rarest of all resources for game devs. So unfortunately I think it will be next to impossible to find volunteers.

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